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    A method earns the following points when cold callers:

    set a meeting - 5 points
    get a referral - 2 points
    set a follow-up - 1 point

    Easy to use

    The easier the method is to use and scale across the entire sales team, the higher the score is


    This score shows how well the method can be applied to any type of ICP or company, e.g., how well it can work for both SMBs and enterprises

    Result Score

    Method overview

    The Bypassing sales method is based on the Straight Line Persuasion methodology by Jordan Belfort and can be described as a process of making loops during the sales pitch. Looping involves talking less about the product and more about yourself and the direct benefits to the client. In part it involves talking about your integrity, your company’s integrity and what you can do for the client over the long term. As you talk, each loop gets tighter until you reach the point where you hit a specific objection. At that point, you answer the objection and ask for the order. This is where the client starts to buy.
    End your call with a very powerful statement that future paces success. Paint a picture of the client as if he were already enjoying the benefits of your product. This takes the focus off the product and puts it on what the product can do for him. You deflected his objection by getting him to admit a few simple truths.


    Call 1 (Bypassing)

    Seller: James, how are you my man?

    Lead: I am brilliant.

    Seller: So here’s the thing. I seek you out to request information. Oh can tell you’re from Kentucky. Okay, you’re from Kentucky right, Louisville. Definitely insane. And I see Jim you’re 53 years old male. And you have no insurance, no preexisting conditions and have your email page, right? Yeah, okay. I love your email. Love Kentucky. I love Louisville. Let’s see if I can love you. So how can I help you with your health coverage? You don’t have anything? What happened? You don’t have insurance?

    Lead: No

    Seller: All right. How much have you paid for it? So okay, let me see what I can do here. So what’s your date of birth?

    Lead: I was born in 1967

    Seller: You’re 67 and I have your zip code is 4029, right. All right. So are you interested in dental and vision or just good old medical? Good old medical? I’ve got you. Alright. So what’s your occupation? Man? What do you do?

    Lead: Machinist

    Okay. I want to make sure you know you are in good health. No major pre existing like cancer stroke, heart attack. Are you actively bleeding on the floor? Are you pretty good? 10 seconds. I’m kidding.

    Seller: Alright, okay. So, here’s what’s gonna happen I decide if I can get you qualified for this plan, okay. And are you familiar with health insurance how it works, okay, now, it’s gonna cost you $385 a month. That includes a no deductibles feature. Okay, benefits upfront. So you won’t have to satisfy like a 2,3, 4 or 5 thousand deductibles before you actually say benefits, right? You’re getting benefits upfront, okay? Also, it’s a pure PPO network through United Healthcare. Have you ever heard of United Healthcare?

    Lead: I’ve heard of it

    Seller: Okay, yeah, it’s from one of the biggest PPO network in the country. Right? So, how’s $385 sounds for you again, this is from one of the best offers you gotta get.

    Lead: I guess it is what it is

    Seller: Yeah. This plan is not for everybody, you’re just gonna have to make sure you qualify for it. Okay. So I have questions to make sure that’s an option for you. Does that make sense?

    Lead: Ok. I just have 10 more minutes to talk. I have to let you know.

    Seller: All right. So keep in mind, today is Monday, right?

    Lead: It’s Tuesday.

    Seller: Oh, it’s Tuesday. I’ve still got the year right – 2021. Right? So. So how about Wednesday, either 2.45 or 17.15?

    Lead: 17.15 much better

    Seller: All right, and I’m going to shoot you an email, so you have the information. Okay.

    Lead: Okay

    Seller: Also, I’m going to shoot you a text message. That’s my personal cell phone, right.

    Lead: Okay

    Seller: Okay, I’ll take your picture with a picture of myself.

    Lead: Okay.

    Seller: All right. Okay. We’ll talk tomorrow, man. All right. Okay.


    Call 2 (Bypassing)

    Seller: Liam, What’s up? Man, I received like a request a little while ago about your health insurance.

    Lead: Yeah, yeah.

    Seller: So, I know you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, and you pay more than 500 bucks with no preexisting conditions. That’s insane. Why are you paying so much?

    Lead: For the kids

    Seller: Oh, it’s for the kids. Okay. So that just so you know, what I do is I come in and I make sure you guys have the best pot available. Okay. The reason is there’s certain plans available that go by health. Okay, so if you’re relatively healthy, you don’t have any preexisting condition like cancer stroke, heart attack, kidney failure. How long we set up an appointment for tomorrow will be the best way to go on about it. And in the meantime, I will send you an email to as well, how’s that sound?

    Lead: Okay. When can we meet?

    Seller: Tomorrow, how about 7.30-7.45? you know what both of us are home

    Lead: 7.45 is ok

    Seller: I still have your email on right?

    Lead: Yeah.

    Seller: All right, well, man, I’m gonna call about 7.45 peace, love rock and roll.


    Call 3 (Bypassing)

    Seller: Starks? How are you doing, sir? Good to see you. Here’s Zeke. I received requests a little while ago about your health coverage. And I live here in Clearwater too. So, I thought you know to give you a call really quick and maybe see how it can help you out? And I see here you’re 42 years old divorced, right?

    Lead: Why are you calling?

    Seller: Yeah, to help you with your health insurance. I see you here you’re 42 years old divorced. Okay, and I have your email on Juna Stark, if I spell your name right, sir. And you live at Pasadena. So my reason for the call is to decide how I can help you out with your health insurance. How about if I call you tomorrow morning at nine o’clock in the morning? Is that going to be better for you? Or if I call you in the evening?

    Lead: You can tell me now

    Okay, I can tell you now. What’s your date of birth?


    Lead: October 9, 1978.

    Seller: Okay, do you have any preexisting conditions like cancer stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, no. Okay, so the plan that I’m going to look for you, you need to be in relatively good health. So any dental vision with a tee or just good old medical?

    Lead: Sounds good.

    Seller: Okay, I’m putting in the numbers right now. Hey. So, what we’re looking at here is, if I can get you qualified based on health, you’re looking at $290 a month.

    Lead: What I’m getting for $290?

    Seller: You’re getting lost?

    Lead: What exactly?

    Seller: Are you getting medical insurance? Yes, it’s gonna be a no deductible plan. Okay. It’s gonna be through United Healthcare. And also, I do personal customer service with a plan. And your max out of pocket will be $3,000. It’s probably one of the best plans to have if you qualify based on health.

    Lead: Why have you told me $3000?

    Seller: So here’s your max out of pocket. Are you going to have to pay either deductible or max out of pockets? There’s nothing, if I can get you $3000.

    Lead: I have to pay $3000 one time or per year?

    Seller: That’s per year. Yeah. So that’s what I mean is probably one of the best plans to go on about it. But good thing because I have another appointment in three minutes. That’s why I wanted to talk to you tomorrow evening, about the same time, it will be the best time you know, like, go sit down. Now I’ve got I can see your situation; I know what’s happening. So maybe call you tomorrow, about the same time. That’s my personal cell phone. And it’s going to be super simple, quick to the point. And maybe we can get a start tomorrow about the same time.

    Lead: Okay, I’m not sure I could afford that

    Seller: Okay. We can take off some features. That’s why I want to understand. So tomorrow, five o’clock, I’m going to shoot your call at this phone number. Okay. And remember, like, I’ll shoot you a text first. And we can go through that.

    Lead: Okay.

    Seller: All right. Thank you so much.


    Call 4 (Bypassing)

    Seller: Hey, Chad. Chad, how you doing sir? We received requests a little while ago about your health coverage? How are you doing today? By the way, you have an amazing name Chad Xavier Slater. You’re a Professor X, bro. That’s amazing. Whoa. Right. By the way, how can I help you out? I do have two minutes before I have another appointment. But remember, my name is Zeke. That’s my personal cell phone. I have your zip code are 77459 you currently have Cigna been about 450. No preexisting conditions, right?

    Lead: Yeah

    Seller: Okay, cool you, I can call you back in the next 45 minutes to get a little bit more information and maybe I can help you out you and your wife, who is 39 as well?

    Lead: Yeah, I need the one for me and my wife Cigna. We are together.

    Seller: Yeah. Yeah, I know. I know you’re with Cigna. That’s what I mean. I can call you in 45 minutes or I can give you a call tomorrow morning about nine or 10. Give you a little more information and get a go. That sounds okay? Super easy and to the point.

    Lead: What do we talk about?

    Seller: This is about your signal plan. Okay. Is it okay to call you later? We’re gonna have to find out.

    Lead: Just the conversation?

    Seller: It’s just a conversation. That’s all I need to know, either. Later this evening or tomorrow.

    Lead: Okay, let’s do tomorrow.