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How to thrive in a changed world of sales?

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Remote selling is not new. We’re seeing a tectonic mind shift where all sellers are now inside sellers. What are the implications? It’s not just the cool kids that must embrace the full tech stack.

Technology Quotient is needed or TQ. This is distinct from IQ and EQ, a seller’s ability to fuse human and machine, intuition and software UI/UX…

Justin Michael
Justin Michael
Regional VP of Sales at YouAppi. 20 years in SaaS sales, including at Salesforce and LinkedIn. Sales Futurist author

In the “new economy” nothing will have really changed other than the physical proximity of people.

Everything else is the same as it ever was.

1) We must define our ICP better

2) We must define our GTM strategy better

3) We must teach qualifying and discovery skills…

Richard Harris
Founder, The Harris Consulting Group

One thing, however, hasn’t changed, and that is the importance of your network. It is the person who understands how to leverage their connections that will bounce back the fastest.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools we have available to us to do that…

Brynne Tillman
CEO, LinkedIn Author, LinkedIn Sales Trainer – Social Sales Link
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Justin Michael

Justin Michael

Futurist at &

Neil Ringers

Neil Ringers

EVP of Sales, Revenue Grid

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