Could you share an example of bad outreach that you’ve received? What was done wrong?

    Email: Victor, obtained your email address on LinkedIn.
    Quick question for you….do you at all keep your options open in terms of making additional income outside of what you’re currently doing or do you have enough money coming in for the rest of your life that you don’t need anymore?
    Thanks John

    This is so shallow and manipulative.  

     Shallow: I found you’re email on LinkedIn.  That’s it?  Just my email?  Nothing else apparently mattered.  

     Manipulative:  Do I keep all my options open OR do I have enough money for the rest of my life? Yes and No are the only rational answers.  You can smell the ‘spam’ on this one.

     Lastly, he used a gmail account (e.g., [email protected])

    Could you share an example of great outreach that you’ve received? Why did it stand out?

    Headline: Value-Centric Selling – How to Sell Value, Not Price

    Email: Hi Victor,
    I came across your course on Udemy. My research found your work to be useful for a lot of people. To briefly introduce myself, I am John Doe*, SVP of sales at offers a course platform that serves the learning needs of corporations. We are a top site in many countries of the world and were used by 100 million+ people last year. We are based out of Silicon Valley.

    There is a strong demand for content similar to yours from our users. Hence, we would like to partner with you to bring your course to our users. There is an opportunity to monetize your content well with a potential to make $300 a month for new courses to $3,000 a month for top courses.

    I would like to speak to you to provide information on how we can create additional value for your content. Please schedule a meeting (calendar link). Thank you, Victor.

    Thank you
    John Doe

    What prompted me to call? Several things:

    1) Headline of my own course in the title; that caught my attention
    2) He mentioned my course on Udemy which means he is aware and knows my content (i.e., not a generic ‘we like your course’ email)
    3) Technology platform that serves 100+ Million. That’s a great market reach. Even if that is only half true, that’s a lot of eye-balls)
    4) He talked about a strong demand for may content and I agree with him (i.e., like mindedness).
    5) ONE course could generate $300-$3,000. I like that he put a number (range) which indicates he knows his numbers. Why? Well, notice the range wasn’t from $0 to $3,000 or up to $3,000. Also, I have 45 courses…the math looks good.

    Bottomline, this email had three hooks: He communicated that he knew me (my product), he demonstrated credibility, or at a minimum intrigue, with the 100+ million person reach, and he focused on what is in it for me (revenue potential).

    * Not their real name or company name.

    What’s the effect of COVID-19 Outbreak on sales?

    I personally view this crisis as a giant PAUSE || button on the world and our lives. I’m taking this time to retool, rethink and redirect:

    Retool: What tools should I be using to be more efficient?
    Rethink: What needs to change in my daily workflow?
    Redirect: What priorities do I need to focus on going forward? Every crisis is an opportunity for change!

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