Result uploaded on: January 28, 2021


    A method earns the following points when cold callers:

    set a meeting - 5 points
    get a referral - 2 points
    set a follow-up - 1 point

    Easy to use

    The easier the method is to use and scale across the entire sales team, the higher the score is


    This score shows how well the method can be applied to any type of ICP or company, e.g., how well it can work for both SMBs and enterprises

    Result Score

    Method overview

    Bad Honest Combo is the authoring method of Gabrielle Blackwell for the cold calls opening. The idea of the opener here is to start with a question of how bad the timing is to follow up with the honest reason for calling. This method is the combination of the well-known “Predictable revenue” and “Basho” methods. The idea of Predictable Revenue method is to start with determining mutual fit and interest with the prospect. Ask open-ended questions about their business first, before moving on to ask about challenges. Typical call flow: Opening “Did I catch you at a bad time?”. Then, Gabrielle uses Basho method, explaining the reason for the call: “The reason for my call is”. At this point, you explain the “so what?” behind your outreach, which means why are you calling at this very moment and why are you the right person to communicate with.


    CALL 2

    Seller: Hey, JD, this is Gabrielle from calling on a recorded line. Did I catch you at a at a bad time?

    Lead: Uh, I’m not sure what this is regarding.

    Seller: Oh, yeah. So I’ll be very honest with you. Like, this is totally me. I’m a sales development manager. I’m trying to help some of my reps finish out the end of the month. So, I told them that I would make some calls on their behalf. So, I had built out a list, I noticed that you may be familiar with the revenue intelligence platform. So, I was really just curious to hear from your point of view, if you believe something like Gong would be something beneficial for Clock and Easy.

    Lead: You guys basically have that service where you provide something like record calls or something like that.

    Seller: Yeah. That’s the base of it 100%. Yeah. How familiar are you with us?

    Lead: That’s pretty much all I know, honestly. You know, we already have this phone service that does the same thing. So yeah, we can really look further.

    Seller: Okay. I’m curious for the phone service that you’re using today. And is it just purely kind of recording calls for you? Or are you getting any other insights from them, from the data that they’re able to pull?

    Lead: Yeah, I mean, our sales team is like, fairly small, you know, we’re still kind of a startup phase, we have like, you know, two salespeople. So, you know, we don’t really have huge needs, you know, and we’re not looking to, you know, expand our sales team. More than maybe like, one more person. Yeah. Because our, you know, our average account values are fairly low, just trying to see through industry standards. So, you know, we don’t really need all, the bells and whistles or anything like that. We don’t listen to our recorded calls. But of course, we do have support and sales people have questions, but, you know, I would say with over 80% of our clients we never even talked to.

    Seller: Yeah. Okay, cool. And, um, I don’t watch it. Thank you. I really appreciate you sharing the insights with me. Yeah, and I do know, we have I mean, honestly, we have customers like some customers who bring us on with starting at that two or three rep mark, and especially as they’re looking to bring even one person on. I’d be curious to know not to make this all about Gong, of course, but I would love to learn maybe a little bit more about your role and what you’re responsible for.

    Lead: Yeah, I mean, I’d be happy to you know, dive in a little bit. I just have a call in about five minutes. So, I don’t know if this will be the best time, but I mean, I’m basically you know, Head of sales, essentially whatever. That means when it’s a startup, you know, we all wear a bunch of hats, but, you know, I’m a Head of sales and I work a little with operations. You know, we use Intercom, and we have, you know, web over IP phone service. I don’t know if you had like a specific question.

    Seller: Oh, I’m always curious to hear this kind of staff. And you mentioned that it’s like one other person? Are you managing other person or you’re kind of just individual contributors? Or are you overseeing them in kind of managing them in their pipeline?

    Lead: Right now, it’s me and one person. So, it’s not much management. He is pretty much helping us with phones and chat bots, and, you know, doing some live demos. Any large companies that are enterprise level, you know, I’m speaking to. But our majority of our business is in that small to medium business size, where, you know, it is like anywhere from 10 to 80 employees.

    Seller: Yeah. Well, listen, it sounds like we actually might have a lot more in common than you might think. I’m the Sales Development Manager over here, specifically for small, medium sized businesses. So, like these conversations that we’re having right now, like, these are the conversations that typically turn into more interest. So, would you be open to the discussion? I recognize you said you were going to be hopping off to another call. And I don’t want to interrupt or disrupt your flow, I should say, but I would love to maybe like set up some time to share a little bit more as to like what Gong could look like and benefit for you personally, for the other person on your team, potentially, for the person coming on board if you’d be open to it.

    Lead: No, no, I’m open to it. You know, do you have my email?

    Seller: Oh, yes. So, I have a [email protected]

    Lead: Yes. Okay.

    Seller: All right. Perfect. So as I mentioned, I’m one of the SDR managers here. So, like, I’m helping my teammate, her name is Andrea, is it okay if I send her your information, and she can reach out to schedule some time for a call?

    Lead: Yeah, ok

    Seller: All right, awesome. Well, listen, I will make sure she also sends you gift card of some sort. So, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. And I’m really looking forward to maybe hearing more once you’ve learned a little bit more about Gong as well.

    Lead: All right, I appreciate it. Thank you.

    Seller: All right. Thank you. Have a great day. Bye.


    CALL 3

    Seller: Hi, Troy. This is Gabrielle from on recorded line, do I happen to catch you at the worst time possible.

    Lead: Not the worst time, everything is okay.

    Seller: Hey, Troy, I appreciate it. Well, hey, Troy, let me be very honest with you. Again, my name is Gabrielle. I’m actually one of the managers for our sales development team. It’s the end of the month, right? It’s kind of tough, like Tai Chi itself right now. So, I’m trying to help some of my teammates here. And I had pulled the report and saw that you might be aware of what Gong is. So just wanted to call and see if you thought New Age Enterprise could benefit from something like Gong.

    Lead: As of right now not necessarily, I think you know, the teams tend to be a little bit on the smaller side, and I’m kind of an account manager with the company. So we do manage it. But we do have a few key tools that we currently use for the most part.

    Seller: Okay. That’s great to know. And I know, you’d mentioned that you’d said you’re a little small right now, what is that mean? Or what is too small mean?

    Lead: Great question. It’s funny, you know, vice versa, when you’re on a call, or you’re prospecting. You just notice the good questions. And I like the permissions you use.

    Seller: I’m trying, I’m trying something new.

    Lead: Yeah, so I definitely appreciate it. And it’s, you know, a good sales pitch always is. I think there’s always better best. But yeah, so mostly, I have myself, we do have a VP of sales. There’s another account manager as well. As a little more of a junior account manager and then we do have a team of two BDRS.

    Seller: Okay. No, definitely I am. So for the segment that I’m in we’re specifically assigned to companies that are probably on the smaller side. And so, you know, typically where we see people who express some kind of interest, I investigate whether you could probably rationalize something like Gong. And it seems like, you might be familiar with our content or what Gong does. If you were to consider you know, looking at the tools that you have today, if Gong were to be in place? Do you have some kind of vision of how Gong could help you in your job at all?

    Lead: Be honest, not necessarily, because I know very little about Gong, I wouldn’t say I’m the most knowledgeable in it to be honest.

    Seller: Oh, yeah. No worries, no worries. Well, how about this? I would love to maybe learn a little bit more about your role I have you down as an account manager at New Age. And so sometimes account manager can mean a billion things in the sales world, but would you be open to kind of walk me through what you’re responsible for?

    Lead: Can you tell me a little more about exactly what the platform will do?

    Seller: Yeah. 100%. But there’s a question that I’ll ask around like your role. I just pulled up your LinkedIn. Just to confirm on my end, are you like, are you responsible for customers or for the new business?

    Lead: So, both, but I am transitioning more out of the account management side started as a BDR moved into, like an account manager that’s still handled business development as well.

    Seller: Okay.

    Lead: And then, you know, a is pretty much full fledge on the sales side.


    Seller: Yeah. Yeah, definitely. So, I mean, that’s awesome that you’ve been able to kind of experience that upward mobility at the company. It just reminds me of an experience that I had. So funny enough, like I went from being a BDR. And I’ll tell you a story. It has a point, I promise.

    So, when I was, when I was a BDR, I got promoted to the AE. And fortunately, enough, we had something like Gong to help me through that transition. Because as I was trying to onboard into this new role, I couldn’t really get a handle on who our customers were, what the main pain points were, I didn’t have that what I’ll call it tribal knowledge. It wasn’t documented. I struggled mightily until I actually started leveraging Gong.

    So the actual product, there’s the marketing spiel, which is we can capture conversations, we can analyze what’s going on in the conversation, and we can surface up that data for meaningful insights, a bunch of jargon, right? But what actually looks like an action is, for me, if I had a deal, let’s say, and I knew it was, I had a deal, and it be the company with like 250 people that a sales team size that’s much like yours, and I wanted to be able to prepare for the discovery call, I wanted to anticipate the objections they were going to give me, I wanted to understand what kind of talk tracks worked, which ones didn’t.

    I basically wanted to replicate the absolute best practices, and I wanted it to not just be a framework that sales enablement gave me, but I can tune into the actual conversation. I wouldn’t be able to have those insights and be able to prepare for that call without having something like Gong, right.

    There are other ways in which Gong can be really beneficial for, let’s say to a BDR if he wants to go in and see what was the actual conversation? What do the people he talks to actually care about? They can start to become much more effective in the calls. For example, you can go back to any call and analyze did I do proper discovery? What are the pieces that are still missing, and you have that information right in front of you? And again, there’s an analysis that’s in there, I won’t go too deep into it. But this is what Gong can do. It is like thinking from like a power user level.

    Or I can level up myself by listening in what the conversations from our customers or prospective customers like, what they’re giving to us.

    We also have stats on our page and I and if this call was in Gong, I would be failing for talk so much time right now. So, I’m gonna stop talking right now. But like, I know, I kind of just offloaded a lot on you. But given that information, is there anything that kind of like, resonates with you? Or am I completely just blowing smoke out of my side right now?


    Lead: There is a lot of information coming at me. Well, I’ll be honest, I think the best thing is, to contact my manager, and just see if it’s something he would want to utilize on the team side. And if you want to shoot me an email, and then I can transfer it to him. I don’t know, if you have like a short little demo video on your end that you could send it to me, I can definitely pass it over to him and just get an idea what he thinks.

    Seller: Yeah. I can 100% do that. I’m just to confirm are you reporting into like a VP of sales or something?

    Lead: Yeah

    Seller: Okay. You know, I’m a salesperson, right. So, I have this information. It’s not Louis, is it?

    Lead: It is. Louie.

    Seller: Louie. Sorry. Yeah. Okay.

    Lead: You’re just probably want to just send it to me. And you know, if I take a look at it, and you know, pass it off to him, he’ll most likely consider it more.

    Seller: Hey, yeah, that makes sense. Well, listen, I will 100% send it to you. I won’t reach out to Louis first. Hopefully we’ll get your feedback to see if it makes kind of surface up to him. I know that you’re mentioned you’re using other tools and technology just so I can tailor the message right. So, what would be most useful for you, as you’re reviewing or using the technologies that you have in place today. Like what’s valuable to you? What are the things that you really appreciate about technology?

    Lead: I, you know, just broad questions on that one. But I think just overall with technology: the ease of use, the lack of having to manually put in data. And, you know, let’s just say two, three, you know, X number of systems is typically, you know, the biggest selling point with technology and kind of modernizing your complete landscape.

    Seller: Okay. All right. Okay, cool. I really appreciate the conversation. I know, I’ve kept you for a little while here. And I have some notes down. I’m the SDR manager over here, I’m making calls for folks on my team. What I’ll do is I’ll pass notes over to one of the guys on my team, his name is Philip. He so he’ll be reaching out to you. His name is Philip Mirrage. And then again, if it makes sense to surface that up with your boss. Awesome. If not, I really appreciate the time today.

    Lead: No, of course. Appreciate the insight to the platform a bit more.

    Lead: Nice, you know, hearing from an SDR manager who is also making calls and you know, is in the trenches.

    Seller: Yes. I’m over. I’m working on it and working on it. So, all right. Awesome. Have a wonderful day. Thank you again, and hopefully looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Lead: Yeah, of course. I hope you have a great rest your day as well.

    Seller: Thank you. All right, bye.


    Call 6

    Seller: Hey, Daniel, this is Gabrielle with recorded line. Did I catch you at a bad time?

    Lead: I’m sorry. Can you repeat that?

    Seller: Yeah, sorry about that. Hey, so my name is Gabrielle. I’m actually a Sales Development Manager here over and we’re sales intelligence platform. But the reason I reached out to you is I was doing some research on Alliance and noticed that you may be familiar with Gong just based on some of your activity on your content. So, yeah, I know it’s might be a little bit presumptuous to ask, but do you see any fit for something like Gong at Alliance?

    Lead: You’re saying Gong?

    Seller: Yeah, Gong like you’ve won a big deal and you hit the gong.

    Lead: Okay, so go ahead. I’m sorry, maybe I’m not following?

    Seller: Oh, no. You know, I might be doing something wrong on my end. So, Alliance reprographics is in the book of business of one of the people on my team, I’m trying to help them out in drumming up some prospective clients and customers. As I was looking at Alliance reprographics, your name popped up as someone who might be familiar with what we do. It is a revenue intelligence platform that captures, analyzes and surfaces insights from customer conversations. I’m really just looking to do some research to see if Gong could be a fit for your company. Is that a conversation you’d be open to having?

    Lead: I do not believe so. And I guess to my knowledge, I’ve never heard of your platform.

    Seller: Oh, you know what you tell us? It’s always possible that it’s not great data. Can I? Just to make sure I have my records, right? Are you an account? Like are you managing customer accounts over at Alliance?

    Lead: Yeah.

    Seller: okay, cool. Hey, listen, if you want to jump off the call, like, feel free to do that. That’s no problem at all. I’m just trying to find the best person to talk to about some kind of sales technology. But you know, if you’re not the best person, would you have any recommendation as to whom to talk to at Alliance?

    Lead: Not off the top of my head. You know, you can try… I don’t know. I don’t know what to tell you.

    Seller: Listen, no worries at all.

    Lead: Okay, the best one to reach out is going to be Alex Syke.

    Seller: Alex, how do you spell his last name?

    Lead: Syke

    Seller: Oh, it’s super easy. Okay, cool. Awesome. Um, can what is it about Alex, that it would be a good person to reach out to?

    Lead: He handles some of our other platforms. And so, he would be the right guy to reach out to

    Seller: All right, awesome. I will 100% do that. And do you have any recommendations on the best way to get in contact with Alex?

    Lead: Oh, phone calls for sure.

    Seller: Phone calls. All right. I’m not sure that I have his number. Is that something you’d be open to sharing?

    Lead: Of course, give me one second.

    Seller: Thank you.

    Lead: 8324578897

    Seller: All right. Awesome. Just real quick question. How big is your sales team at Alliance?

    Lead: Four of us

    Seller: Okay, awesome. Wonderful. Well, hey, listen, I’m Daniel again. I know I caught you out of the blue. You were not expecting the call at all. You gave me some great information. And I really appreciate it so much. Would you be open if I kind of sent you a LinkedIn connect and that way we can just stay in touch?

    Lead: Sure.

    Seller: All right. Awesome, Daniel. Well, listen. Thanks again. I hope you have a beautiful day and a great rest of the week.

    Lead: You too. Thank you.

    Seller: Thank you. Bye.