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    A method earns the following points when cold callers:

    set a meeting - 5 points
    get a referral - 2 points
    set a follow-up - 1 point

    Easy to use

    The easier the method is to use and scale across the entire sales team, the higher the score is


    This score shows how well the method can be applied to any type of ICP or company, e.g., how well it can work for both SMBs and enterprises

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    Method overview

    The Predictable Revenue sales method was first presented by Aaron Ross in his book Predictable Revenue. The idea is to start with determining mutual fit and interest with the prospect. Once a seller connects by phone with a prospect to find out if there’s mutual fit, the biggest challenge is staying focused on the prospect’s business and not selling yours. Ask open-ended questions about their business first, before moving on to ask about challenges. Typical call flow: Opening “Did I catch you at a bad time?” and introduction; discuss prospect’s current business situation (authentic curiosity); probe for prospect’s needs (and confirm understanding of needs); positive solution to meet those specific needs; handle objections and next steps


    CALL 1 (Predictable Revenue)

    Seller: Hey John, hey! Amir Reiter here, CEO of Cloudtask. That’s the recorded line. My apologies for the random call, do you have a few seconds for me to let you know why I was calling?


    Seller: Is it okay if I give you a quick email and maybe follow up with you later?


    Seller: All right. Maybe sms you…


    Seller: Don’t sweat it John, I’ll let you go and I’ll give you an email. You’re busy but I appreciate you chatting.


    CALL 2 (Predictable Revenue)

    Seller: Hey, David? David, hey, how’s it going? It’s Amir, the CEO of Cloudtask. I was calling on a recorded line. Do you have a few seconds for me to tell you why I was calling?


    Seller: Maybe be super quick, three seconds if you have?


    Seller: I know you’re a VP at American Blackberry. I work for Ringcentral, Vonage, Bloom and a few other publicly traded companies. I have a big army of sales reps with intent data on phone technology so I thought a meeting between you and I could make sense just based off the revenue we’ve generated in the space. So that’s kind of why I was calling.


    Seller: Okay but you’re building… I trade your stock on the stock market. You’re building pipeline and you’re making just question forecast results which is awesome you’re forecasting, and you know reporting results quarterly, right from the stock market?


    Seller: Okay, no, I’m just talking about pipeline. Okay, so there’s no VP of marketing, no interest in talking about pipeline with the CEO of a company with a big army, no context?


    Seller: That’s fine. I just thought I thought it would be. Do you mind if I email you? All right so I’ll send you an email as I know this call is out of the blue and there’s like not a face to the name and then I’ll just follow up the email and if it makes sense to talk about pipeline in the future, we can chat about it. I appreciate your time. All right, see you, all right.