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    A method earns the following points when cold callers:

    set a meeting - 5 points
    get a referral - 2 points
    set a follow-up - 1 point

    Easy to use

    The easier the method is to use and scale across the entire sales team, the higher the score is


    This score shows how well the method can be applied to any type of ICP or company, e.g., how well it can work for both SMBs and enterprises

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    Method overview

    RRM is a sales methodology that allows the salesperson to break that pattern of the automatic push-back that the prospect gives at the start of the cold call. One of the successful examples of this methodology is presented by Justin Michael, Founder of JMC and The Salesborgs. At the start of the cold call, he asks the question: “Who’s in charge of your user acquisition strategy?” This forces a prospect that feels cornered and interrupted, and wants to brush you off, to suddenly exert their authority: “I am!”


    CALL 1 (RRM (JM))

    Seller: Hey, I was calling for Dustin Hampton. Justin Michael on the recorded line.

    Lead: Yeah

    Seller: I’m Justin Michael. I’m an advisor to CloudTask. And I was just curious who’s in charge of your inside sales team in Fifteen Five?

    Lead: I don’t work there any longer.

    Seller: That’s fine. Are you still running a sales team?

    Lead: Ah, not right now. In between.

    Seller: No problem. I just maybe I could ask for some guidance here from you. Maybe you could point me in the right direction at Fifteen Five. Do you still have a good relationship with them?

    Lead: Ah, yeah. Good bad. I don’t know what you’re looking for.

    Seller: Well, I’m an advisor to a company called CloudTask. And basically what they do is they work with US tech companies to bring in opportunities and appointments. So kind of like sales development as a service. And we work with Grammarly, Expensify–a lot of big companies, US companies, like Nextiva, Ring Central. And we do outbound calls, inbound calls, chat bots. I’m curious like when you were over there, did you ever work with any third parties like this to do to set up a coup?

    Lead: No, they they will. They won’t do that. They’ve got 16 outbound SDR. So they’re good.

    Seller: So is this the The sheer size of the teams that you mean the internal team is making them not want to do it. Is it sort of a religious position that they don’t like offshore as they are? They’re just fine with staffing.

    Lead: Yeah, they’re not gonna offshore, they’re gonna build internal they might they have their cell budget for external.

    Seller: No worries. Is this something you might want to do though when you get like in a new VP of Sales role? Or do you agree with that? Or would you try it if you had the budget or bandwidth?

    Lead: Ah, I don’t know. It’s a good question. I’ve certainly I’ve never turned my nose down to try and think so. I don’t know.

    Seller: Well, I mean, it sounds like you’re going to be doing another VP of sales job soon. I mean, at least introduce you to our our CEO, a mere writer. And you know, if you want to talk about these models in your next position, What’s the best email for you? I’ve dusted it Fifteen five, but that’s probably not the address. Maybe I could just network with you and introduce you to a mirror for the future.

    Lead: Yeah, I’m not interested right now. I appreciate the call. I’ll keep your mind as I as I look to land my next position.

    Seller: Okay. It’s cloud test calm. I appreciate your time.

    Lead: Great, thank you


    Call 2 (RRM (JM))

    Seller: Hey, yeah, I was calling for Jason Fishkin. Justin Michael from Cloud tasks on a recorded line. Yeah, is this Jason Fishkin?

    Lead: Can I help you?

    Seller: Yeah, so I’m an advisor to CloudTask. I was curious who’s in charge of your inside sales team or your sales development team there?

    Lead: Oh, I’m not allowed to give that out. I’m sorry. Thank you so much.

    Seller: That’s fine. Are you still there? Jason?


    Call 4 (RRM (JM))

    Seller: Hey, yes. Robert McIntyre. Um, Justin Michael from Cloud task on a recorded line. Yeah. Is this Robert McIntyre?

    Lead: Ah, yes, it is. I’m sorry. Who are you?

    Seller: My name is Justin Michael. I’m an advisor for CloudTask. I was just curious who’s in charge of your inside sales team or your SDR team? For for sales mover, or glia?

    Lead: Yeah, I’m sorry, what? What does your company do?

    Seller: So we’re CloudTask. And we’ve brought in 70 million in revenue to US companies in the past 24 months, including Nextiva, Ringcentral. I trade. We build pipeline. So we have 300 people in medion. speak perfect English. We do outbound inbound chat bots. You know, we’re number one on jeetu crowd have actually hired the company myself. I’m on their board. Is that a model that you’ve looked at? As far as extending your inside sales team?

    Lead: Not really. But you know, I’ll be quite honest. It’s funny, because someone else just called me about.

    Seller: Oh, really?

    Lead: Yeah, I must have been one of your competitors. But yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, like right now, the force multipliers for us are, you know, conferences and events. And our solution is really had a lot of demand across financial services companies. So that groundswell and kind of that name and PR that we’re getting from that is really feeding our funnel. So much so that, you know, we’re doing very targeted account based marketing to those, those accounts. So right now, I’ll just be honest, I don’t manage the BDR team. I’ve managed the enterprise sales team, but right. Right now, I doubt we’re, we’re gonna really be interested in expanding that outside of our direct effort. But, uh, you know, you’re welcome to reach out to them as they showered. Cost stack.

    Seller: There’s no way I’m going to spell that correctly. Can you help me with that with Jared cost stack?

    Lead: Yeah, it’s, it’s Jared. And it’s just Jared Grad.

    Seller: That sounds like a South African spelling. And it’s So Jared castex at glia. calm. Okay, and you said it sounds more like a timing issue. So it sounds like it might be something you might do like an h2 or later, like, depending on expansion plans. I’m just trying to like parse what you said. Is it more that he makes a decision? And you’re not sure is it? Is it? You have an inside only model? Have you have you worked with third parties before? I guess is my question.

    Lead: Yeah, that was my point. Right. At the end of the day, you know, we’re really inside only direct. You know, not to say it couldn’t change at some point. I don’t foresee it changing this year at all. You know, we just went through planning, we’re thinking four or five quarters out at this point. So you know, you’re welcome to reach out to him, but I suspect you pick up the same answer off.

    Seller: Okay, that that makes a lot of sense. Well, is it okay, if I mentioned your name, Robert McIntyre. When I reach out to him, I won’t say that you recommended it. I just say that, you know, yeah,

    Lead: you’re welcome to. you know, tell him I sent you his way. That’s completely fine.

    Seller: All right. Well, it’s this, this happened on a recorded line, it was compliant and appreciate your time. And what else can I say? I’m Jay Michael at Cloud test. COMM if you just want to look at our website, we are on. Cloud And, yeah, if you’re ever looking for outsource, SDRs we get the job done. Thanks, Robert.

    Lead: All right, man.

    Seller: Thanks. Appreciate it.


    Call 5 (RRM (JM)

    Seller: Hi, this is Justin Michael calling for Christian Sonia. I’m calling on a recorded line. Hey, Christian, Justin Michael. I’m an advisor to cloud task. I was curious who’s in charge of your inside sales team or your SDR team for scale fast?

    Lead: Oh, yeah. You’re calling my cell phone. I’m no longer with that company anymore.

    Seller: That’s fine. Are you still doing enterprise business development?

    Lead: I’m just gonna hang up now.


    Call 6 (RRM (JM))

    Seller: Am I was calling for Joe O’Toole, please.

    Lead: This is Joe.

    Seller: Hey, Joe, Justin Michael from CloudTask calling on recorded line. I was curious who’s in charge of your inside sales team for Samba safety. And once again, my name is Justin Michael. I’m an advisor to CloudTask. I was just trying to figure out who’s in charge of your inside sales team there or your SDR team?

    Lead: Well, it could be a couple of different folks. Why don’t you reach out to Mike Pagano.

    Seller: Mike Pagano?

    Lead: I think so.

    Seller: Okay, and I’ll tell you what I’m calling about because I don’t want to just blindly refer in I advise a company called CloudTask. And we’ve brought 70 million in revenue to us tech companies in the past 24 months, including I trade nextiva, Eingcentral and Expensify. A variety of companies, not just tech companies, service companies, product companies. We have 300 reps in many games. And you wouldn’t need all 300, obviously, but we have pods of two and four and they make calls for you send email sequences, sit on your site and do chat bots and really try to augment get you more appointments and opportunities. So you can, you know, kind of crush your forecast is. I’m happy to run it by by Mike, but I just was curious. Have you thought of that model? Is that something you’ve looked at? for the coming year?

    Lead: Yeah, you’re gonna talk to Mike about that. He’s got that and…. So between those two guys, they’re the ones that can help you.

    Seller: Thanks, Joe. Is it okay, if I mentioned? Can I mention your name on the email? I won’t say you recommend me. I’ll just say that you pointed me out. Um, I mean, I don’t want to be the shifty salesperson here, you know?

    Lead: Yeah, that’s fine. Okay,

    Seller: thank you, Joe. Appreciate your time. Thanks.


    Call 7 (RRM (JM))

    Okay. Hey, I was calling for in Prod?

    Lead: Yeah.

    Seller: Hey, hey, Justin. Michael. I’m an advisor to CloudTask calling on a recorded line. I was just curious if you’re in charge of generating pipeline, they’re glued on it?

    Lead: no. So everyone actually generates their own pipeline. But we actually hired a couple bdrs for this year. So I think we’re covered on the pipeline side of things.

    Seller: Okay, quick question though. I am an advisor for a company called Cloud tasks. And what we do is we drive in appointments and opportunities. We’ve got 300 reps offshore, we’re number one in jeetu crowd, we work with nextiva and expensify. A lot of big US companies, we kind of just provide additional firepower to set meetings and opportunities and call sequences chat bots. I mean, it sounds like you might be covered for now. But have you ever leveraged a third party to help you expand that?

    Lead: No, we have not. But I’m not necessarily decision maker on that. So you might want to try elsewhere.

    Seller: Could I email you at une dot Harada


    Call 8 (RRM (JM))

    Seller: I was calling for John Wilkerson.

    Lead: Hello.

    Seller: Hey, John. Justin, Michael from Cloud Task calling on a recorded line. Are you in charge of the inside sales team there? I was just just curious.

    Lead: No.

    Seller: Okay, who would be the best person to reach out about that?

    Lead: I have no idea. I’m in the technical department. I’m a computer engineer.

    Seller: Oh, I must have gotten the wrong. Yeah, I have the wrong number. Sorry about that. Thank you. All right. Appreciate it. Thanks.


    Call 9 (RRM (JM))

    Seller: Hey, I was calling for Jason

    Lead: This is Jason.

    Seller: Hey, Jason. Yeah, Justin Michael. I’m an advisor to CloudTask calling on a recorded line. I was just curious who’s in charge of your inside sales team or SDR team there?

    Lead: You know what, we’re not interested in that. Thank you so much. I’m sorry. You caught me on another call.

    Seller: No worries. Can you tell me why you’re not interested? Because I didn’t actually get to tell you what I do.