Sandler method – humorous opening

    When performed well, using humor in sales can break the ice, provide comedic relief, and serve as a launching pad for further sales conversation. Sandler humor opener sales strategy advises the salespeople to win the attention of their prospects with well-placed humor at the beginning of the call.
    The idea behind the method is to take a prospect’s problem and integrate humor with the solution your company can provide. There is always common ground between a salesperson and a prospect, and you can turn that common ground into humorous material. If you’re successful, you’ll build a high level of relatability and trust with your prospect.


    A method earns the following points when cold callers:

    set a meeting - 5 points
    get a referral - 2 points
    set a follow-up - 1 point

    Easy to use

    The easier the method is to use and scale across the entire sales team, the higher the score is


    This score shows how well the method can be applied to any type of ICP or company, e.g., how well it can work for both SMBs and enterprises

    Result Score
    Conversion rate 9% (meetings / # calls)
    Based on 21 calls
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