Could you share an example of great outreach that you’ve received? Why did it stand out?

    I recently had a call, first he said this, “I am so glad I found your YouTube channel, I bet you get a lot of people mishandling your name on sales calls.” He went on, “I wanted to ask, with all that great content you have, have you thought of leveraging it for residual stream of income?” Bam, got my attention, who doesn’t want to make money while on the beach? He then introduced his service, all in a way as to how it may help me enhance my inventory and fully monetize it.

    Personalization, the way it is done (butchered) today is just BS. He got real personal in ways that count for me, money and my content. None of the usual silliness implying that I am missing something, or that my efforts are falling short somehow. He did it in a way that stroked my ego, and suggested that I can take things “even further.” We’re still talking.

    Could you share an example of bad outreach that you’ve received? What was done wrong?

    I had a call from a rep, clearly motivated (or wound up by his manager), their product was of no use to me on this planet. At first I tried to explain why I am nowhere near the demographic or “persona” as they like to label me. He tried to counter with rebuttals from people who may need his offering, which was not me, but his responses were trying to convince me why they are the best, ignoring or missing the fact that I was not a fit. While it was fun for a minute, he got rude, and the call ended.

    In general, I think it is unfair to focus on the last link in the chain, the poor SDR hung out by their company. Who provided the list, on what basis? What was he trained to do, fight to the end or work with the right prospects to get a mutually beneficial outcome? The rep did what he was paid to do, he could have brought some flare and style. But technically he executed their playbook. Next time they should train from the top down.

    What’s the effect of COVID-19 Outbreak on sales?

    It is easy to get overwhelmed with the impact of COVID-19, but we have to remember that this is a human and health challenge, not a sales challenge. This is the time to get out of yourself and focus on what is happening with your clients. I used to say: “Leave the product in the car”; now you may as well leave it at the office.
    Reach out to your clients and be a sounding board, focus on helping them re-calibrate and reformulate their plans. If you cling to your product, the feedback and insights you get will be narrowed by that perspective. Instead, allow the conversation to explore all aspects of their situation, and by extension, learn in the process. This is not about “open-ended questions”, it is about an open mind.
    Since most are facing some degree of adjustment post COVID-19, ask them:
    “Given where things are today, and if you were to start the business again, what would be different?” This allows them to think about the success they’d had building the business, which energizes the conversation, getting them to be open to new possibilities, just as they were when they started off.

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