Could you share an example of great outreach that you’ve received? Why did it stand out?


    Hi Mario,

    I attended the Sales Development Summit Webinar a few weeks back and remembered hearing you speak. I definitely learned from you that day and you motivated me just when I needed it. As someone who recently began their career in Software Sales, it would be an honor to connect with you.


    Hey Mario,

    Let’s connect! Being featured as one of the “Always be closing: Top influencers to follow on LinkedIn” means you’re making HUGE waves in the industry, and I don’t want to miss any of it! #KnivesSharpenknives

    These two messages come in as one of the top “best” LinkedIn connection request messages. Simply put the sellers showed me that they knew me by demonstrating they researched me, the buyer. Here are three ways they did so:
    1. They greeted me with a Hi/Hey and my personal name
    2. They identified where they saw or read about me. This is an excellent way to connect. Always reference where you saw your buyer speak at like at a conference or leverage an article they were featured in (like in the second example). If neither of those items exist, you could always reference something the buyer posted on social media and include the actual link to their post/tweet.
    3. Edify the person you are connecting with using words like “I learned from you”, “it would be an honor to connect” or “I don’t want to miss any of it”. Who wouldn’t want to connect with someone that makes them feel like they made an impact?

    Overall these two messages were clearly hyper-personalized and the seller’s goal was to get me to press the “accept” or “checkmark” button and that they did. Their next goal is to now provide value using content that maps to creating brand awareness or help address a problem that the buyer has. This would be sent by the sales rep through a LinkedIn Welcome Message after I “accept” their invitation to connect.

    Could you share an example of bad outreach that you’ve received? What was done wrong?

    Most sales leaders today recognize that modern sales teams must leverage the Omni-Channel approach to prospecting. We should really no longer have “cold-calling” days rather, we have “prospecting” days. They also understand that on those prospecting days sellers must leverage the phone, email, social media, video, and even text messaging to name a few. However, one of the biggest issues that exist today is while we may have trained our sellers how to use the phone to cold call, the majority of sellers have had no training whatsoever when leveraging social media and/or video for sales prospecting. This was proven and highlighted as a major issue in the State of Digital Selling with LinkedIn 2019 report. To that end, Vengreso has captured some of the worst and best LinkedIn connection request messages sellers have sent me. It ranges from no personalization to hyper-personalized sales invitation to connect. Let’s start with the Worst Personal LinkedIn Connection Request Message:

    Best Regards,

    In this example, the sales rep simply wrote: “Best Regards”. Clearly, this was a really bad attempt at a cut and paste or using automation on LinkedIn which is strictly prohibited by LinkedIn terms and conditions. We don’t have to dwell too deeply on this one. This is not what we call personalization. Period. This is just as bad as sending a message with no personal message.

    Looking to connect and expand my network with like-minded entrepreneurs and highly motivated sales pros.

    In this example, the sales rep Kyle sent this personalized message at the exact same time that his peer and his Vice president did. They were all literally one on top of the other as found under the “My Network” tab on LinkedIn. So what was clear from this was they were using either automation or a really bad script. Further, all three didn’t even address me by name. Their message was all about what they wanted. They were looking to connect… and expand their network. Buyers look at this and ask, “what value are you bringing to me” and “why should I connected with you”. Neither were answered in their personalized invitation. In this case, as a buyer, if I had no interest in connecting to expand my network, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs or highly motivated sales pro’s I would simply hit the “X” or “Ignore” button, which is exactly what I did.


    I’m the CEO of XYZ. We are an experiential tech agency (video, event Livestream , AR/VR, social, mobile engagement) for b2b brand and agency partners. I’m confident there are synergies to explore here. Let’s set up a quick intro call.

    In this example, there are several things that went wrong with the message. Let’s start with the obvious:
    1. There was no social greeting like “Hi” Mario or what we recommend to use “Hey” Mario
    2. There was no personalization at all. #ShowMeThatYouKnowMe
    3. Vengreso is not a “b2b brand or agency partner”, in fact, we have nothing to do with being a branding or agency marketing organization. So clearly you didn’t know who we are.
    4. I was clearly confident that we didn’t have any synergies
    5. You asked to set up a quick intro call but you failed to include the WIFM (What’s In It for Me) message. Why should I spend any time with you? Also, on cold connection messages, you NEVER ask for the meeting. You need to work your way to a conversation ONCE you’ve established a connection. Your goal here during the connection phase is to get the buyer to hit accept on that connection request. It’s what you do after they connect that will govern if you can secure a meeting.

    How to enable rapid revenue recovery for B2B Sales in a changed world?

    Sales Leaders can achieve and/or exceed their B2B Sales goals by following one simple rule: “Know thy Buyer.”

    This means we have to be able to answer these questions:

    1. Where are our buyers hanging out virtually (social, video, email, virtual events, etc.)?

    2. What medium would they like for us to engage with them (Phone, email, social, text, video, etc.)?

    3. What pain are we going to solve for them?

    4. How painful is that problem; in other words, what happens if they do nothing?

    5. Is there a different use case for my solution that now applies “post-2020 pandemic”?

    Answering these 5 questions will help us be better prospectors but also help us better forecast real deals vs. tire kickers.

    What’s the effect of COVID-19 Outbreak on sales?

    Sales leaders all around the globe have said to me in the last week alone “My pipeline and opportunities came to a screeching halt. But I know my buyers are at home, behind a computer and on social media. How do I reach them?”

    They are correct. I’ve said for four years today’s buyer is digitally connected, socially engaged, mobile attached and video hungry. Now more than ever our buyers are engaged on these channels. While closing sales came to a halt because of COVID-19, pipelining should not. Now more than ever before must our sellers learn to engage properly on the digital channels where our buyers are hanging out at. Guess what? You’re there and so are they!

    Just remember HUMANIZE the connection and outreach experience. We are all in this together.

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