Could you share an example of great outreach that you’ve received? Why did it stand out?

    One of my sayings is “Trust Is The Soul Of Sales.” Make your clientele the top priority. By asking about their experiences and opinions first, you begin to build the relationship, trust, and very likely the sale. Strive to earn a returning and referring clientele or the Smooth Sale!

    Could you share an example of bad outreach that you’ve received? What was done wrong?

    “Hello there, I am a sales superstar, and I can help grow your business to stardom status. You will become a household name. I can greatly improve your personal life, too, and further your life ambition.”- Jim

    The worst approach in business is in making assumptions. Guessing about the situation of others rarely plays out well, if ever. Jim’s short message provides an abundance of assumptions and sales errors.

    Before contacting someone, read their profile, research their website, and consider how you may connect the dots between the two of you. I never brag about achievements, but they are on my varying profiles and website for all to see. The communication would have been quite different had Jim taken a moment to glance over even one page.

    It is a cardinal rule always to address a prospect by name to gain their attention.

    Upon reviewing Jim’s profile, it is evident that he recently graduated from college to enter the field of sales. I assume that the pressure must be severe for him to make quota, and he does not know how to handle the situation. Revisiting upfront research, Jim would see that I have held a long-time career in sales and entrepreneurship.

    For me, the worst statement is in reading that Jim can improve my personal life too. He doesn’t know anything about me personally or professionally. The declaration is outrageous. I did my best to mentor him on improving his approach politely. The messaging came to a halt. On my end, I deleted all of it.

    What playbooks mean to today’s revenue teams?

    I believe playbooks to be starting points, but similar to scripts they omit spontaneity, or speaking to the uniqueness of the person in front of them, that is often needed.

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