Could you share an example of bad outreach that you’ve received? What was done wrong?

    Hi Craig,

    After you signed up for our webinar, I checked out your website and I think you’d be a great fit to use us to help with your lead generation.

    Would love to chat to show you how it works and see if you’d be interested in giving it a shot.

    We have no phones! Pretty common with a lot of startups – further adage to the cold call being dead.

    So, simply use this link to request some of my time and I’ll give you a buzz.

    Let’s set something up!

    Here are John’s top 5 mistakes and my top 5 pieces of advice on how to John can improve his engagement.

    #1 Not knowing what my current solution is. How can you describe how you are different (not better) if you don’t know what I’m already using? Ask what I’m currently using so you can reply with a unique, compelling, and relevant value proposition that tells me what I get out of using your product or service.

    #2 Not knowing how satisfied I am with my current solution. If I’m satisfied with my current solution I’m not likely to switch. Ask how happy I am with my current solution so you know if I’m even likely to try you or switch to you in the near future.

    #3 Telling me cold calling is dead. I’m 15th on LinkedIn’s list of the world’s top B2B Sales Experts. I teach how outbound, or cold calling as John says, is the best way to sell six and seven-figure solutions to recently motivated decision-makers (read VPs or higher that are new in their job) who more likely switch vendors. Don’t alienate the reader. Know enough about someone to have something in common and use that as a bridge to start a conversation.

    #4 Not including a phone number. Making someone, who might be mildly intrigued that has two minutes to themselves now to call and learn more, to reply via email is a big opportunity killer. People will say to themselves I’ll get to this later and later almost always turns into … you guessed it ‘never’. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS include a phone number.

    #5 Telling me a 57 year old who is a much better talker than a typer that you have no phones. If your sales team has no phones I’m assuming you’re so small you can’t afford them and if you’re that small your support team probably also has no phone and can’t service me once I become a customer. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS include a phone number.

    The good news for ‘John’ is that his email was so bad that I actually filled in his form to get him on a call and share the above advice in person.

    The even better news for ‘John’ is that after him taking my advice I actually become a user of his solution.

    What’s the effect of COVID-19 Outbreak on sales?

    Today almost every smart executive is listening to Sequoia’s Black Swan advice on the need to conserve cash.

    Now more than ever is the time to understand your competition (not competitors) and show prospects how you can make their existing cash go farther.

    Here is the 2004 HBR article that helped me understand what my real competition was.

    Text me (+1.403.874.2998) if you would like some free assistance building a competition chart similar to this one so you can show prospects how you can save them money and make their existing cash last longer.

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