Could you share an example of great outreach that you’ve received? Why did it stand out?

    I just listened to Sell or Die’s podcast where you talked to Jennifer Gluckow on how to leverage LinkedIn for client referrals… it really resonated with me.

    I’d love to connect and see more of your content in my newsfeed.

    PS I consider myself a networker and a connector of people. If you ever want to jump on a 15-minute call so I can learn more about who I can refer you to, let me know.

    My response:

    Thanks so much for connecting with me on LinkedIn. I am so glad you took away some value from my interview with Jen, she is amazing.
    I thought I’d share some additional insights that you might find beneficial as well.

    If you have any LinkedIn or social selling questions, let me know, I am always happy to jump on a zoom call, reach out anytime.

    – Brynne

    Could you share an example of bad outreach that you’ve received? What was done wrong?

    Hi Brynne,
    I’d love to introduce you to our mobile healthcare therapy app.

    It is a voluntary benefit.

    We are offering discount pricing at $20 per family per month.

    Commissions are 25% per family per month.

    Please let me know if you are interested in additiona

    (yes, he didn’t even finish the message! I decided to have some fun with my reply that I sent without accepting the invite)

    My response:

    I’d love to teach you better ways to use LinkedIn to grow your business. If you are open, here is a link to my calendar please pick a time that works best for us to talk.

    (there were a few more exchanges where he continued to sell me – and then he went dark)

    How to enable rapid revenue recovery for B2B Sales in a changed world?

    5 Steps to Leverage LinkedIn for Sales When Returning to the Workplace:

    Our economy has been hit hard, more people are unemployed today than during the Great Depression. And while I am confident we will all come through this, it will be faster for some and more difficult for others.

    One thing, however, hasn’t changed, and that is the importance of your network. It is the person who understands how to leverage their connections that will bounce back the fastest.

    LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools we have available to us to do that. Keep in mind, no sale can happen without a conversation, so, that is the goal… to convert content and connections into conversations.

    Here are 5 steps that you can implement right away to help you come out of this quickly:

    1. Position your profile the right way. First, consider SEO (search engine optimization) Take a look at the hashtags, keywords, and phrases your ideal buyers use and, where appropriate, add them to your profile. Next, if you are in a sales position, make sure your profile shows up as not just your resume but as a resource. Highlighting the challenges your buyers face, their ideal future state, and the gap that you fill between the two.

    2. Make sure you are connected to your entire IRL network. Pull out those business cards, search through your CRM, check out past emails, and connect, connect, connect. You can’t leverage what you don’t have.

    3. Buyer map your ideal buyers. Take a look at LinkedIn’s filters and determine which ones will help you build a list of prospects. Identify all the decision-maker and influencer titles that you’d like to engage, as well as your ideal companies that you want to pursue.

    4. Use the 2nd-degree filter alongside your now defined search to identify who in your network can help you gain access to your prospects. From here you can ask for introductions or permission to name drop, opening up doors with a higher level of credibility than any cold call could ever do!

    5. Nurture your network. Stay top of mind through curating, sharing, engaging on, and creating content that your buyers’ are excited to consume. In addition, reach out to your network individually with short video messages, industry benchmark information, implementable insights, and small touches, letting them know that they are top of mind.

    What playbooks mean to today’s revenue teams?

    Our clients live the custom playbooks we create for them. It not only helps them know exactly what to do every day but what to say. A good playbook can be the most powerful resource a sales rep can have.

    What’s the effect of COVID-19 Outbreak on sales?

    Sales teams have to adjust to the digital communication environment. Because all their prospects and clients are working remotely, it is much harder to pick up the phone and reach someone directly. Using LinkedIn to find and connect with stakeholders has never been more valuable. In fact, people are more apt to jump on a zoom call or chat now because of the self-quarantine so now is a wonderful time to connect.

    In today’s COVID-19 world, make sure your outreach is of value to the audience and not a pitch. Connect with empathy and be a real resource to your recipient.

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