How do you check the health of your pipeline?

    I personally like to look at the shape of the pipeline which I call a sales funnel.

    I like the image of a funnel better. We know there needs to be a lot in the top for the appropriate sales revenue to come out the bottom. If the shape is off, I know what to focus on. For example, if the top of the funnel is very small, I know we need to generate more leads. If the funnel is bloated in the middle, I know we need to get those opportunities moving. Then I can dig in with questions and solutions to make that happen.

    Sales funnel: a visual representation of the buying process that a customer goes through from the first contact to the purchase.

    Could you share an example of great outreach that you’ve received? Why did it stand out?

    Hey Alice, your profile caught my attention because you are always sharing such great advice for salespeople. I also saw you made the Reuters Top 50 Sales Experts list. Congratulations! I’m guessing your company is growing, and I’ve been able to help experts like you get in front of the right audiences. I don’t know if my service is right for you but let’s connect and discuss it.

    Could you share an example of bad outreach that you’ve received? What was done wrong?

    Alice, I see we both have Network Marketing on our profiles. I have something to show you that I think you will want to see.

    Please accept this invite and I’ll share details on what is going to change the future of our industry.

    Tks, Doug

    This is among the worst but I get a lot of them.

    1) I don’t do Network Marketing, so not sure why his person or software chose me to connect.
    2) He’s trying to pique my interest and have me wonder and all I’m wondering is why he didn’t say what it was and why he is trying to connect with me.
    3) Again, he is assuming I’m in his industry.

    I clicked ignore on his request. My suggestion is to do your homework before you send a message. Quality is much more important than quantity. If he had skimmed my profile or looked at my posts, he would have known that I am not a prospect.

    How to enable rapid revenue recovery for B2B Sales in a changed world?

    Sales leaders may still be able to hit or exceed their sales plan if they have their senior team and the entire company behind them. In order for sales to succeed, company leadership, starting with the CEO, have to pivot the strategy, get everyone on board, re-focus and insure the entire customer facing team has what they need to retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

    The entire company has to be re-charged with the new strategy and be focused on customer success. This is all dependent on the CEO and company leadership.

    The sales leaders and their teams will not succeed on their own, they will need the entire company to get behind the new strategy if they want to hit or exceed their sales number.

    What’s the effect of COVID-19 Outbreak on sales?

    Many sales teams are used to working virtually but typically not under the additional stress of the fear that comes from a global pandemic. A fresh approach is needed. Whether new to working virtually or used to it, here are some things you can do.

    1. Share strategies. It’s important share strategies everyone can use to keep a positive mindset. Remind your team to eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, exercise and stay hydrated. Have them take breaks, look up the Pomodoro method of focusing work time. Don’t assume people know what to do to keep a positive mindset, show them.

    2. Keep in touch. You may have regular online meetings planned but also call and check in with your team. Ask them how they are feeling, if they have any worries. Ask them to share some positive things. If you use instant messaging, send them random positive messages throughout the week.

    3. Be a model. This is a time for all leaders to model the behavior they expect. Take care of yourself. Make sure you have the support system you need. Form a mastermind, find a coach or mentor. Make sure you take a few breaths and center yourself before interacting with others. Don’t take on the fear or drama of others. Be empathetic but don’t get sucked in. Ask them questions and to provide solutions before you jump in with answers.

    4. Be prepared. Things are constantly shifting. Prepare for things to change. Be flexible and adaptable. Think, how can we do this and make it work well, rather than any negative thought that may try to take up valuable space in your head.

    Out of chaos can come innovation. Leaders can become better leaders, workers can become better at their jobs. Together we can innovate better ways to do things and stop the syndrome of “This is the way we’ve always done it.” It’s a good time to take a fresh approach.

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